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Monday to Friday 1:00 PM - 5:00 PM 
Spend the afternoon with Barry “G” Gordon, OD.


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Comments (404)

Said this on 5-22-2014 At 03:34 pm

The answer is penetration, if I get through in time Barry

Said this on 5-22-2014 At 01:26 pm

Hi barry G!

Wesley Walker
Said this on 5-15-2014 At 03:40 pm

Barry G,

Good day, how can i become a syndicate member of your program?



Said this on 4-30-2014 At 01:44 pm

Hi Barry how are you?I was talking to this guy did not know he was with another woman, when i found out i was so upset.i went and sleep with this other guy just one time.i got pregnant i thought the child was for the guy with the other woman, so i gave the child to him. he went away file for the child the  US embassy requested a DNA  that was when all hell break loose. now i have to live with for the rest of my life, taking care of the child alone. can't find the biological father who is some where in England. 

John Mark
Said this on 2-26-2014 At 03:29 pm

Hello uncle Barry, the last sense a person lose when dying is their hearing

Said this on 1-17-2014 At 10:35 am

barry can you find out why bridgeport high charges $1500 for returning a childs phone, what they do with that money. and if your childdid not do any thing why the school took all the class phones. i can be reached at **********.

Sophia Powell
Said this on 1-16-2014 At 02:29 am

Hello Mr. G, Happy New Year to you and your entire family! I was home for the holidays which was fantastic but you were the icening on the cake. Hearing your voice on the radio brought back fond memories. Since I returned to Canada I've being tuning in.....God bless you keep up the great work. Dam Jamaica nice!

Said this on 1-14-2014 At 01:28 pm

trousers barry g,

Said this on 1-14-2014 At 01:23 pm

barry g,I would like join your syndiicate

Said this on 1-14-2014 At 12:45 pm

I think the answer is diabetes..

Love your program.. listening from NY

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