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Monday to Friday 1:00 PM - 5:00 PM 
Spend the afternoon with Barry “G” Gordon, OD.


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Comments (430)

Said this on 12-15-2014 At 03:36 pm

hello  uncle barry the answer to question is hey can go up, down, around and through gates

kadian thompson
Said this on 12-11-2014 At 08:59 pm

I uncle barry

Junior Miller
Said this on 12-8-2014 At 05:03 pm

the answer to "What was splenda before it became splenda"  is Sugar

ikiesha grant
Said this on 12-4-2014 At 03:28 pm

hi barry g i live  in kingston 16 i listen your programs everyday i am kinda fed up at life sometime to see when i go to work there is jus a next to little and nothing to work for am really stress out cause i have a son to send to school and also bill to pay on weekend i can hardly find money to buy food item i here by asking for ur help my name is miss claudett.

David Robinson
Said this on 11-19-2014 At 03:49 pm

the answer to the question which state is covered in seven feet of snow is ohio

Tracy Senior
Said this on 10-28-2014 At 03:20 pm

Hi Uncle Barry. If it is possible please may I be apart

Of your syndicate. I listen to your program everyday.


Said this on 10-20-2014 At 03:40 pm

Hi Barry,

how can I become a syndicate member? I'm in canada and I listen to mello everyday. Specially your program.

Said this on 10-14-2014 At 02:56 pm

Greetings Barry G, much blessings to you Sir. I'm a close friend of Captain Kirk and the late Clint Oneil , radio announcers here in Florida. After listening to your radio shows in Jamaica and on the internet here in Florida, I took your advise on healthy living. I have had high blood pressure for as long as I can remember until my wife decided to do some researchon natural essential oils. She found Doterra, I started using these oils and never felt better , our household is now chemical free as we started making our own soaps, lotions, deodorant, toothpaste; you name it . My wife went down to Jamaica a few days ago to take care of her Mom who caught the Chikungunya virus , she used the essential oils on her and her recovery was just amazing , I cannot say enough about the way these oils work for everything , If at all possible I would like you to share this info with the rest of Jamaica , how to live healthier naturally.

Nuff respect again Mr Barry G FOR being an inspiration.

Thanks in advance for your response


Neville Lindo
Said this on 9-24-2014 At 12:36 pm

Bwoy Barry This Neville Lindo I thought I was tuff, Flu neva hold me dung yet, I cought Dengue snd I went to work same way but this CHIC V and mi a tell u it knock mi over, my knees pain like hell I have to be using stick to support me like an ola man. It terreble Barry.

Said this on 9-19-2014 At 06:55 pm

hello barry G ,my name is glenroy,i would like for you to sent a shout to my brother kenneth from barneyside westmoreland,who i think is your greatest fan ,for years he  listen to your show,but now he is blind in one eye the next is 90 percent blind.but u keep his spirits high each afternoon.

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