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Monday to Friday 1:00 PM - 5:00 PM 
Spend the afternoon with Barry “G” Gordon, OD.


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Comments (466)

Marlene Davis
Said this on 7-18-2016 At 03:28 pm

Hello Uncle Barry,

Can you help me get rid of my excess overweight and big belly. I am a diabetic and fighting to overcome this illness.

Thank you,



dexter stewart
Said this on 7-4-2016 At 04:22 pm

good to you mr barry gorden, sir i have a problem i want to discuss with you sir,but its private so its bewteen me and you alone ,not even email me not email it, i want to see you face to face, sir so i would like to know if ican see you tomorrow,and what time, there is my email at the top you can email me , and thanks sir;    

Sachalee Dwyer
Said this on 6-9-2016 At 05:50 pm

Hey uncle Barry... I am a loyal listener of your programme and i have been learning alot.. Your such an inspiration and a great teacher... You have been inspiring me to put more value on my life... Thank you so much... Keep doing the great wonderful work you're doing.... 

Said this on 5-27-2016 At 09:30 pm

I uncle Barry we are going under stress as sea and port security,port security have no management,supervisors shout at us and very rude,,we don't get pay on time,we are underlay,please help us

Said this on 5-26-2016 At 04:25 pm

Hey wats up barry 

Ras Mosiah
Said this on 5-24-2016 At 01:23 pm

Greetings Barry G,

I am Ras Mosiah and I have a various artists reggae album which is produce © and own by me, I would like to get air play on you radio program or on the radio station Mellow FM, I would just like to know how could I get the album to you, do I have to take a Cd or could I send to you by mp3 format, Please can you assit me how to get the album to you,

There is a few love songs on the album as well. Jah love n blessings.

Amoy eyeland eyewear
Said this on 5-15-2016 At 07:11 pm

Barry  its Amoy eyeland eyewear please contact mi asap i lost ur contact

Said this on 4-19-2016 At 02:32 pm

Barry G

Please,  will you and your listeners pray for me and my three kids. I am Jamaican, but have immigrated to Canada, Victoria, British Columbia.

I was arrested on August 24th, 2014 for looking out my window at the white neighbours.  They claim that I am staring at them when I look out my window and when they pass my yard. 

I have spend over $3,500 CDN dollars dealing with this and my cost is climbing.  These plaintiffs further stated that they care scared of me,  but yet they stillcontinued to come into my yard.

Since I have moved to this section of town there have been graffiti across the street next to our house/business "Welcome back nigga"   The neighbours that have been calling the police stated that they will not stop until we move.  Two police cars, two Saanich Police officers, showed up at my house pounding on my door, because they said the neighbour stated that I have put my recycling bin (placed at the curb for pick by the CRD workers) a foot into their yard.

I have gotten, a lot of "You people" are "devaluing our property value" "what are you people doing here"  "I didn't know black people live in these parts"  "look around, Do you see any Black people here"  "I didn't know Black people own business"


As you can probably guess I am black. 


Jermaine clarke
Said this on 4-11-2016 At 02:16 pm

Jermaine in Niagara on the lake Canada listing to you right now uncle Barry big up

Nicola Parchment
Said this on 3-31-2016 At 03:31 pm

Hello Barry G need some help getting an appeal out, our car glass was broken into and suitcases napsacks and handbag were taken from car our biggest issue is our travel documents & work computer with work documents in the computer bag...we need those to return work get home. Please help. This happened in Discovery Bay. Nicola & Dervon

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