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Barry G




Monday to Friday 1:00 PM - 5:00 PM 
Spend the afternoon with Barry “G” Gordon, OD.


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Comments (477)

Said this on 11-23-2016 At 08:37 am

Please help to save a life. someone is suicidal and wants to talk to Barry

Said this on 10-20-2016 At 11:00 pm

I grew up listening to Barry G just happened to come across this site. I tell my kids about Barry. Jamaica has some of the finest Disc Jockeys and radio stations in the world. This man is right up there I am not surprised to see Order of Distinction.

Kristen Hughes
Said this on 10-5-2016 At 11:00 pm

Hi uncle barry g I am Kristen Hughes. I am currently in grade 6. I attend the Petersfield Primary and Infant School in Westmoreland . My school over 2:30pm everyday and I try to come home every evenig early to catch it. I am going to do my gsat in march and I was wondering if you could provide me with a laptop to help me in my school work. Have a wonderful day


Charmaine Brown
Said this on 9-13-2016 At 11:00 pm

Hello uncle Barry, i am from Westmorland and saw you when i was there u even gave me your number but unfortunately i lost it. I need your  help, i am on a work programme in Louisiana USA.   I wanted you to know all what we Jamaicans going through here, you and the whole Jamaica.  There must be a way my voice can be heard.  Let me know how to get to you....thank you....

One love.

Marlene Davis
Said this on 7-17-2016 At 11:00 pm

Hello Uncle Barry,

Can you help me get rid of my excess overweight and big belly. I am a diabetic and fighting to overcome this illness.

Thank you,



dexter stewart
Said this on 7-3-2016 At 11:00 pm

good to you mr barry gorden, sir i have a problem i want to discuss with you sir,but its private so its bewteen me and you alone ,not even email me not email it, i want to see you face to face, sir so i would like to know if ican see you tomorrow,and what time, there is my email at the top you can email me , and thanks sir;    

Jodeon Davis
Said this on 10-16-2016 At 11:00 pm

Uncle Barry I have a very big concern n need to talk to privately as soon as possible please i need your help

Sachalee Dwyer
Said this on 6-8-2016 At 11:00 pm

Hey uncle Barry... I am a loyal listener of your programme and i have been learning alot.. Your such an inspiration and a great teacher... You have been inspiring me to put more value on my life... Thank you so much... Keep doing the great wonderful work you're doing.... 

Said this on 5-26-2016 At 11:00 pm

I uncle Barry we are going under stress as sea and port security,port security have no management,supervisors shout at us and very rude,,we don't get pay on time,we are underlay,please help us

Said this on 5-25-2016 At 11:00 pm

Hey wats up barry 

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