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Monday to Friday 1:00 PM - 5:00 PM 
Spend the afternoon with Barry “G” Gordon, OD.


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Comments (400)

John Mark
Said this on 2-26-2014 At 04:29 pm

Hello uncle Barry, the last sense a person lose when dying is their hearing

Said this on 1-17-2014 At 11:35 am

barry can you find out why bridgeport high charges $1500 for returning a childs phone, what they do with that money. and if your childdid not do any thing why the school took all the class phones. i can be reached at **********.

Sophia Powell
Said this on 1-16-2014 At 03:29 am

Hello Mr. G, Happy New Year to you and your entire family! I was home for the holidays which was fantastic but you were the icening on the cake. Hearing your voice on the radio brought back fond memories. Since I returned to Canada I've being tuning in.....God bless you keep up the great work. Dam Jamaica nice!

Said this on 1-14-2014 At 02:28 pm

trousers barry g,

Said this on 1-14-2014 At 02:23 pm

barry g,I would like join your syndiicate

Said this on 1-14-2014 At 01:45 pm

I think the answer is diabetes..

Love your program.. listening from NY

Said this on 1-9-2014 At 02:57 pm

Hi Barry

I would like to know which night Beres and joe will be performing on.



Said this on 1-7-2014 At 02:08 pm

when you cry it turns to ic instant

Mrs. Morgan
Said this on 1-3-2014 At 10:38 am

hey barry need to talk to you privately.

Mrs. Morgan
Said this on 1-3-2014 At 08:23 am

Hey Barry good work, continue to motivate and educate people all over the world. i would like to talk to you privately so u could send me an email. thanks.

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