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Barry G




Monday to Friday 1:00 PM - 5:00 PM 
Spend the afternoon with Barry “G” Gordon, OD.


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Comments (448)

Sasha-gaye Wallace
Said this on 9-21-2015 At 02:48 pm

uncle barry i dont like tht song i miss my dad

Said this on 8-18-2015 At 02:38 pm

Good evening uncle Barry what is the name and the artiste of the love song you played today before you played cover me

steffan bogle
Said this on 8-4-2015 At 12:00 pm

barry g u chat to much eno bbc man every day u cum man radio u need if give the people them hears a break now man. your mouth cant tried man and more while a folishness you a tlk on the radio no one like you nigga so cum off the radio please and thank you 

alex smith
Said this on 6-17-2015 At 04:24 pm

Barry g I want to win something. What is the number call?

Mrs. Richards
Said this on 6-12-2015 At 03:13 pm

Hello Barry G,

I started listening to to by force at first because my husband listens to you everyday, now I must say that I listen by choice now and I enjoy your topics so much LOVE from Minnesota BABY and send me some sour sop juice!

Said this on 6-8-2015 At 05:35 pm

Hi uncle Barry g the songs name is world a music by INI kamoze.

Said this on 6-4-2015 At 02:14 pm

barry g, china is storing cheap oil in some supertankers, elaine in ocho rios.

jah -queen
Said this on 5-29-2015 At 07:56 am


Hello Barry, Jah - queen and Joan Lewis are the same person. i would like to be a part of your fitness challenge. I an 5 ft 1" an i am weighing 176 lbs.



Said this on 5-12-2015 At 03:17 pm

barry g play man a rasta man by jr reid 

Said this on 5-4-2015 At 08:35 pm

Barry I am looking forward to start listening to you again you had a splendid for when was growing up in the 80.  


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