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Barry G




Monday to Friday 1:00 PM - 5:00 PM 
Spend the afternoon with Barry “G” Gordon, OD.


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Comments (448)

Kara Betancourt
Said this on 5-14-2013 At 08:17 pm
peter johnson
Said this on 11-18-2012 At 05:50 am

barry is there anything you can share about someone going blind 

the person named is clive he listen to mello fm everyday thank you.

Said this on 11-17-2012 At 07:52 pm

dear Barry G i listen your programme most days


Sandra Raynor
Said this on 11-16-2012 At 02:37 pm

hi barry i enjoy the show sandra from usa Bridgeport C.T. God bless.

Said this on 11-16-2012 At 12:00 am

Hi uncle Barry i would like to join your programmme.

Said this on 11-14-2012 At 07:37 pm

How can I join the Barry G Foundation/show.

Said this on 11-13-2012 At 04:28 pm

the answer is landfill

Simone White
Said this on 11-13-2012 At 09:37 am

Hi Barry G.

I listen to your programme most afternoon, i would like to join your facebook page to answer your questions sometimes. Yesterday programme about  ganja was an interesting topic.

Hillary mcintosh aka charmaine
Said this on 11-12-2012 At 04:14 pm

the answer for question is west beach

Said this on 11-9-2012 At 04:24 pm
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